Fuel Cell Project

Parts List

The Bike with Fuel Cell Installed

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The rack with one cross brace removed for drilling

(Note white dots on the tail piece. These are 1/8" pilot holes drilled from the inside through the supports for

the original rack (22 litre trunk)


This is the cross member. See the circles in the square recesses. These get drilled out for the supports that come up from the tailpiece


Note the two silver vertical supports. These stabilize the rear rack and can stay in place if the cell and platform

are removed and the original trunk put in place.


This shot gives you an appreciation of all of the supports added. The two that hold the cell mounting plate attach in the

cross brace mounting bolt holes. You can see one rack to tailpiece suppor in the back.

Note the routing of the fuel line down to the fuel filter mounted behind the saddlebag rack.

The fuel line then passes through an existing opening into the under-seat compartment.


Note how the fuel line loops around to avoid kinking and then heads off to the shutoff valve (next picture)


The shutoff valve is clamped to the frame and the frame is protected from being scratched by the clamps.

From the valve, it heads off to a 5/16" "T" in the fuel injection return line.


The orange switch in the upper left is the fuel pump illuminated switch. It actuates a 30amp relay which operates the pump.

The switch is mounted in a BMW switch blank which was cut to hold the switch - a very clean install.



  1. Fuel Cell - Fuel Safe CT105 - ~$150.00
  2. Shut off valve 1, 3/4" long MILTON part number s1094-4 - Air compressor supply. All brass forged body with plated brass ball, teflon seals, 1/4" turn handle.
  3. 1/4" NPT to 5/15" Male hose barb, LASCO part number 17-7715. (these go to the shutoff valve above) - Any good hardware store
  4. AN-8 to AN-6 adaptor Earl's part number 989486 - Find a good hot rod shop, preferably one that is serious about racing. - $9.95
  5. AN-6 to 5/16" barb 90 degree (slightly larger that 5/16" but will work). Earl's part number 709106. - Hot rod shop as above - $16.20
  6. AN-8 cap part number FCM 3741 (don't know if this is Earl's or not). - Ditto on the location
  7. Fuel pump NAPA part # 2P74019 - $29.99
  8. Fuel filter NAPA part # 3032 - $3.99
  9. Fuel hose clamps (12) NAPA part # 505-1204 - $5.88
  10. Brass Tee NAPA Part # 730-2948 - $ 4.49
  11. Cap (for covering the fuel filter inlet when the tank is removed NAPA part # 2-645 - $1.42
  12. 10' fuel line (Fuel injection rated) - NAPA part # H-205 - $50 - You won't need this much but it's hard to say how much you will need.