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Why the three flags? Well, I am Canadian by birth, American by naturalization and Texan by choice.

I was born in Campbellford Ontario, moved to Toronto in 1964 when I started my career and then to Dallas Texas in 1977. I became a US citizen in 1993 but before that, I was "adopted" by a true Texan. I have always believed in "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" so I have strived to be as Texan as possible. I just can't shake my "outs" and "abouts".

I married Sandy, an Oklahoma girl, in 1986 and, through blended families etc. have 11 grandchildren. We have lots of pictures in our photo album below so, if you want to know who we are, just check us out. A picture is worth a thousand words.......


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Norm's Motorcycling Page

BMW 6 Series Technical Library

Lone Star Chapter, BMW CCA

 As you can see from the above, I have many interests, all oriented around BMW cars and motorcycles. I am, or have been, heavily involved in local clubs and chapters for both bimmers (cars) and beemers (bikes) since 1987. One of my passions has been the 6-series car. A few years ago, there was a suggestion that we needed a separate email list for the big coupes, the 3.0's and the 6-series. I was just getting into building web pages and thought it would be good to provide a venue, both email and web page based. Hence the Big Coupe Groupe Technical library. I have since sold my beloved 635 but maintain both the email list and the technical library. Based on the access count, the library is very popular.

More recently, my main interest has turned to long distance (endurance) riding on my BMW 1994 K1100LT motorcycle. Over the past three years I have done a lot of research and modified my bike for endurance riding. Details of the modifications and some of my rides can be found on my motorcycling page.

And yes, I am a Mac addict but don't get me started on that one!

For comments or questions e-mail me.

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